The first plant-based protein ingredient clinically proven to manage appetite.



20 grams of ecoLEAN™ protein taken 30 minutes prior to meals yields optimal results based upon the study.



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ecoLEAN™ is a registered trademark of Reliance™ Private Label Supplements

ecoLEAN™ represents the first of a new generation of plant-based ingredients that will define the future of functional and performance nutrition.

the Discovery

For centuries, France has been known for the rich soil that yields some of the best wine producing grapes in the world. But in the northern regions of the country, there’s a new crop that has people putting down their wine glasses and picking up their exercise weights! An ecological phenomenon of agricultural conditions and growing environment combined to create a unique variety of yellow pea (pisum sativum) which has been found to be very high in protein. And not just any protein. It’s a complete protein, abundant in of all of the essential amino acids. In particular, arginine, an amino acid highly valued for its fitness performance attributes. This new lean plant-protein source is available under the commercial trade name - ecoLEAN™.

the Process

Finding this unique nutrient was like finding a hidden treasure. But now we faced the challenge of getting the treasure up from the bottom of the sea without destroying it. In this case, we had to extract the protein from the plant without disrupting its natural properties. This would require a highly specialized large-scale operation that involves soaking the peas in enormous vats and then introducing natural enzymes to gently separate the starch. This cold water extraction process produces an ultra-pure, highly concentrated plant-based protein which delivers a unique profile of amino acids and electrolytes. This makes ecoLEAN™ unlike any other plant protein.

the Results

In order to validate the health potential of this new ecoLEAN™ protein, a randomized single blind study was conducted using 32 -human subjects. The study investigated the hunger suppressing effect of this protein compared to other nutrients. The preloads in the study included ecoLEAN™ (pea), casein, whey, albumin (egg), and maltodextrin, and used water as the control sample. Subjects consumed the preload drink 30 minutes before ingesting the control meal. Subjective appetite was assessed using visual analogue scales at 10 minute intervals after the preload. The results showed that the subjects consuming the ecoLEAN™ pea protein preload experienced 35% greater satiety versus those who took the whey protein preload when both were measured against the control (water). The study was peer-reviewed and published in the internationally recognized Nutrition Journal in 2011.

the conclusion

Plant proteins have exploded in popularity in recent years but, until now, there have only been a small handful of ingredients with the scientific evidence to support the health claims. While more research still needs to be done, this new science gives us a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. ecoLEAN™ represents the first of a new generation of plant-based ingredients that will define the future of functional and performance nutrition.